STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: All About Athleisure

Active lifestyles have become more and more popular among people, especially younger generations. People today are more health conscious and workout daily. Especially with New Year’s Resolutions of getting fit and healthy, Fashionistos/as are always trying to rock the athleisure look all day long. It is so convenient to go from the gym to running errands, especially when you look cute the entire time!

This Fashionista was seen rocking the perfect athleisure outfit.  Her leggings and sneakers give off athletic vibes while her beanie and sunglasses are the perfect touch of coolness to the outfit.  Beanies have been such a hit this season, and now that it actually feels like winter, wear them and then wear them again! There are all different styles and colors of beanies that are sure to go with almost any outfit.  They are also perfect for after gym hair, or when you are just having a bad hair day. To finish the outfit, a big and warm winter coat or vest is a staple during this season.

The athleisure trend is super easy and versatile. How to pull it off?  Wear your workout pants/leggings, sneakers and a cute workout sweater or sweatshirt and there you go!  This trend is fun because it allows people to really play with different patterns and colors while still having the option of traditional blacks and grays. Also, if you play it up with a fun beanie like this Fashionsita, then your gym outfit can instantly be turned into a casual athletic one in a second. You can also try other winter accessories such as gloves or a scarf.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Since I am on my school’s soccer team, I feel like I am always in workout clothes. Throwing on a cute beanie and some sunglasses are the perfect touches to my athleisure look, bringing me from the gym to class!”