Long over coats are in this season and a little length goes a long way. This chic piece is suitable for any ensemble and adds depth to an outfit. Wear it over your outfit and you instantly have a well put-together outfit. I like practicality, so I definitely approve of long over coats.

This stylish Fashionisto has mastered the technique of layering and I am loving it. Layering your outfits during this time of the year not only keeps you warm but it also makes the outfit a lot more interesting. What first caught my attention about this Fashionisto’s outfit was his wool hat. It went perfectly with his formal, clean-cut attire. The button-down shirt layered with his sweater really complemented his tan pants. Wearing a buttoned shirts underneath a sweater is a great start to layering your outfits. You’ll be surprised with the many possibilities that you will be able to come up with as you mix different colors and prints. I love the personal touch the Fashionisto gave by adding a black tie.

What I love most about the outfit are all the details. From the leather gloves to the ankle-high pants, the ensemble is simple and interesting at the same time. All the layering really gives the outfit a personal touch. Before I could wrap up taking some shots of the Fashionisto, it started to rain. He seemed to have been more prepared for rain than me, as he wiped out his vintage umbrella in victory.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Always strive for creativity within your clothing. Your style is a chance to express yourself. Everyday is another opportunity to put an outfit together that you will truly love.”