There’s a special place in my heart for flared pants and I’m almost certain that it originates in my love for movies about the ’70s. I’m sure this isn’t special, who wouldn’t love a movie based on such a pivotal time in history that also happened to produce some of the greatest rock and roll and such inspiring fashion? Music and societal values have since progressed, but the flare pant has managed to stay an iconic trend that, when paired correctly, many can rock.

Though the pants she is wearing are not from Free People, they’re actually from Forever 21, it is of no surprise that the brand makes a similar pair. Besides the sliming effect flared pants offer, these velvet ones are incredibly comfortable. Yes, this is primarily because they are made of a velvety material, but also because they don’t squeeze the back of your knee. This difference is especially apparent in my experience with jeans. I could probably do basic yoga in flared jeans, that’s how comfortable I feel in them.

While these pants do not have the most intense flare, pants that do are equally as fashionable and pair nicely with a vintage T-shirt. For that and a decent amount of the clothes that I own, my first stop is never the mall, but primarily vintage stores near me including Buffalo Exchange and Plato’s Closet. The two are trendier and offer a large selection of recycled clothes.

As far as accessories go, she wears a black leather shoulder bag from Coach, a similar one can be found one their website. I really love this bag because it is so versatile and easily paired with so many outfits. The moon and pearl ring is from a market in Brooklyn.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Flare adds flare, so dig around (go to local stores, vintage stores, Goodwill, wherever), find the perfect pair and rock them!”