STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Achromat Adaptation

What I’ll never know is why the winter blues are referred to as such when it’s so obviously gray out. Blue has a definite tone to it, but in the post-holiday pre-spring period (with the leafless trees against a cloud-covered sky and bits of dead grass peaking through the patchy snow and sidewalk slush), the world both looks and feels void of color.

However, instead of fighting those feelings of flatness, this Fashionisto utilized used the tones vis-á-vis an achromatic palette. Certainly, that was what caught my eye when I spotted this Fashionisto on campus with the the black and white pattern in his outfit. Achromatic color (achromat meaning void of color in an RGB palette), creates its own “palette” through use of line weight, shape, pattern and texture––black and white and has a full spectrum all to itself.

I fact, what really stood out to me in his outfit was all bold black and white, the surprising shirt style pairings (matching button-down and hoodie? Unexpected and brilliant), and the graphic-style marble print, which are all the rage for the fall 2016 runway shows.

Fall/winter 2016 collections have dialed up the contrast utilized the achromatic color palette with kaleidoscopic prints and bold graphics in both men and womenswear.
Also a prominent pop-up seen rolling its way through the runways was the marble effect, which can be seen hardcore trending in atelier, accessory, and interior. Something tells me we’re going to be seeing a lot of it this and next season.

Though this trend has all but taken over looks from Philip Lim and Rachel Comy, you can work this look into your own wardrobe: whether it’s just dipping your toes in, or a supplementary to your smart phone, or you can dive straight in taking a cue from the aforementioned Fashionisto with wearing how much you “heart” marble right on your sleeve or your legs.

Just because it’s black and white doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Give your outfit an unexpected twist by making the best of the dreary winter days––use what’s around you for inspiration. Classy and classic, the black and white can be kicked up by incorporating bold printed pieces in an unexpected to way to create an achromatic aesthetic.
You can either clash or super-coordinate with the bold graphic or marble trend, from your shoes to your phone case.

Forget color blocking, this season (and next fall) is all about color B&W-ing.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “When I picked out this outfit, the pieces were actually from two different places. When I saw them both in the same day with the same print, I knew had to get them to wear together. The pattern stood out to me, plus pairing the shirt with the hoodie ended up working really well. I think the black and white is really what made it work. My style advice would be to go for it; if you find something that works, just go for it. You can never go wrong with black and white or grayscale.”