Ok, we get it. Break is coming up, classes are coming to a slow halt and you finally have some time to focus on other things. Don’t make the mistake of forgetting to stay fashionable! An easy way to make sure your swag isn’t taking any days off is to play with neutrals. You don’t need to do anything fancy. Use your dinner outfits for inspiration; give it a little twist and viola! Reinvent preppy to pull off an easygoing, winter ready look that’ll give you the air of confidence to take on any occasion.

This Fashionisto uses his heavy-duty winter jacket as the centerpiece, which allows him to add small touches to really complete his outfit. The neutral utility bomber jacket is the go-to and trendy staple that you need to give any outfit a subtle pop. Neutrals always give you options to work with; this means whether you’re in a hurry or just trying to make it through the day, your outfit will be flexible enough to handle it. Layer a plaid shirt underneath to provide a cool touch to an otherwise mellow style. The white collar on top gives a beautiful contrast to the soft beige that smooth’s out the look. Plaid shirts are an excellent way to spruce up a boring outfit because the pattern and colors add the extra oomph! Lastly, a pair of broken in winter kicks gives the opportunity to look swanky no matter the weather. Don’t let winter hold you back!

Overall, this Fashionisto knows how to look clean and stylish. On a brisk sunny day, no hat is needed, especially when there’s a clean cut to show off. Do yourself a favor and look for color contrasts that make the right statement. Beige and purple says class and chivalry. Gray and white says relaxed and fun. Keep an eye out for those plaid shirts that are diamonds in the dirt, they just might come in handy one day!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Find a jacket that you can use over and over again for any style. Put enough wear and tear into something you love and you don’t need vintage; you already have it.”