STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: A Sleeveless Statement

No matter how chic our dresses, blouses or sweaters look, we must prioritize our comfort and stay as warm as possible as the temperature drops. That being said, it is time to retrieve your fuzziest, thickest coats and keep them near at all times. Often, a button-up, heavy coat may barricade a stylish outfit underneath but not when you practice the art of coat slinging. This is achieved by draping an unbuttoned coat on your shoulders without sliding your arm in its sleeves.

This sleeveless trend has grasped the attention of editors and stylists during the February fashion weeks because of its utilitarian style. Not only does this look highlight every piece of the outfit, but it also remains protective of the body from colder weather. The art of coat slinging has budded from street style stars during fashion week earlier this year and is now seen on stylish coat owners everywhere. Coats of all kinds could be a part of the sleeveless revolution – trenches, dusters, peacoats, blazers and even bombers.

This specific Fashionista chose to place her black coat atop of her bold sweater to reveal its unique pattern without having to shiver in Central Park. You can now see her statement cross-body bag without blending in with a heavy layer. Her black booties also make a complementary, practical statement. If the coat was fully worn, one would assume she wore an all-black ensemble, and we all know that enough people choose that route in New York City! These warm essentials are no longer for practical use only. Coats are the cherry resting on top (of one’s shoulders).

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t ditch your coat for fashion. Instead, incorporate it with the rest of your outfit in an innovative way.”