April 11th, 2016 at 2:00am

The weather is finally warming up and it is about time to start thinking about what spring trends we want to partake in. Something that has become quite popular is the undeniable sneaker trend. Luckily for our feet, the sneaker is the ultimate spring shoe. The boundaries of acceptability in casual footwear are shifting very quickly a sneakers now seem to be the primary footwear choice for men and women.

From fitness shoe to highfashion staple, sneakers have cultural significance and gives attitude to your look. With this trend, it is easy to dress up a simple and basic outfit. Take a look at how this Fashionisto brings comfort and style into an outfit. He pairs an oversized dark blue sweater with black jogger pants. He adds a splash of color to all the dark tones with a pair of bright pink flyknit racer sneakers. The sneakers basically speak for themselves and instantly transform the outfit. There are no limitations when it comes to fashion so choosing a bold and elaborate print for a pair of sneakers seems like the way to go.

That backpack or hat you eventually will take off in class matters more than you think. Accessories are a huge component to your outfit. You spend most of your time walking around campus wearing those bonus accessories. This Fashionisto carries a red backpack from Herschel. The color stands out on top of his dark top. His outfit gives off the effortless vibe and looks visually appealing.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Sometimes less really is more. I find comfort in simple color schemes because an outfit doesn’t have to be complicated to be stylish.”