Spring is right around the corner! The weather is getting warmer and soon enough, we won’t all have to stick to wearing dark colors. This Fashionisto sure knows how to dress for the season! Luckily, we won’t have to wear our heavy coats all the time now, giving us the freedom to wear a more diverse variety of light spring jackets. This Fashionisto isn’t afraid of color, and I think everyone can learn from this fun, eclectic look.

I’m absolutely in love with his vintage jacket. It’s a gorgeous handmade piece that gives his outfit that necessary “pop!” Underneath the jacket, he wears a simple black polo that allows the jacket to take center stage. He then pairs the black polo with cuffed jeans and black Steve Madden dress shoes. This outfit is perfect for a causal weekend lunch or for a day of thrift store shopping. All guys can learn from this Fashionisto’s great style!

For a fun flair, this Fashionisto adds a colored, beaded necklace to give his ensemble even more “pop!” His black-rimmed glasses are also very sleek, and match nicely with his polo and shoes. The cuffed element of the jeans gives the look a hip vibe and is a creative alternative to the classic straight-leg. I think everyone should go out to small thrift stores and find interesting vintage pieces, because those will never fail to give your outfit that unique touch you’ve been looking for.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t be afraid of color, embrace it!”