STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: A Feminine Twist To The Rugged

When flannel shirts and camouflage jackets first hit the fashion world, I had to laugh. As someone who grew up in a state that loves farming and hunting, these were items I associated with talk of deer season and the smell of manure. Now that these items are in style (and I no longer live in a small town), most of the plaid and camouflage I see is feminine and chic. This Fashionista is a perfect example.

This Fashionista took these two Wisconsin staples and rocked them in a cute, comfortable outfit. She wore a neutral gray sweater for a base layer and then added a plaid tunic. Her tunic takes a traditional plaid pattern and turns it into a feminine must-have; a long button-up that could be worn as a dress or, as this Fashionista proves, the perfect layering piece. At first glance, her outerwear seems to be a classic camouflage jacket. A closer look shows that it only mimics the style; it actually has a green, multi-hued floral pattern. She finished her outfit with her go-to pair of leggings and tan riding boots. I can’t think of a better way to bring a feminine edge to these classic items.

If you’re from Wisconsin like me, don’t think that plaid and camouflage are only for farmers and hunters. Take a note out of this Fashionista’s style book and pick feminine versions of masculine looks; maybe you and your dad will match next time you go home to visit.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “At first I was afraid to layer such different prints, but I think the contrast looks good together! Don’t be afraid to take risks, especially with patterns and colors.”