With this unseasonable warm weather, it has given every Fashionista the opportunity to wear their winter clothes without having to bundle up tightly with layers and chunky snow boots. Instead, we have the option to be able to wear our coats unbuttoned, showing off our pieces underneath. Winter is my least favorite season, as we are unable, especially in Canada, to show off our outfits underneath our coats, as we are all bundled up.

On one of these warm days, I found this edgy and grungy Fashionista on Queen West while doing some shopping as a much-needed break from school. This Fashionista choose to wear a stylish, neutral wool coat. Here in Canada, because the cold weather can last a couple of months, it is great to have more than one coat to mix it up. Depending on your mood and style that day, it can completely change up the whole outfit. This Fashionista’s coat is a perfect option, because of its versatility of color and length, which can go with mostly anything in our closets. It is great to throw on over a dress for a dinner out, or as this Fashionista chose, a casual outfit.

This Fashionista chose to pair her coat with a pair of black skinny jeans, a white graphic T-shirt and black ankle boots. The beanie was the perfect addition to the outfit to keep her ears a bit warmer. By keeping everything in the same color scheme, it really allowed the coat to stand out since the light contrasts with the dark. To complete her look, she chose a light, pale purple lipstick. By adding this delicate color to her lips, a neutral outfit becomes very chic and stylish.

The two little pins she added to the coat are lovely. The first being a blue Tobias Funke pin, a character from Arrested Development, and a yellow bed, which she found while vintage shopping. Pins and buttons are an unexpected addition that allows you to showcase your personality and spunkiness.

Not only are coats practical for the colder weather they are a great piece; because of the different ways it can transform an outfit and layer them. One might not be enough!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I find most of my inspiration when it comes to styling an outfit from old movies. I love to mix it up by styling outfits with both vintage finds and modern pieces to create a complete look that represents me.”