STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: A Bold Lesson On Layering

As a girl whose motto is “Keep it simple, stupid,” mixing and matching patterns, let alone layering accessories, is a tad bit daunting. I spotted this Fashionista strutting her stuff in a plethora of different textures, colors and jewelry and was inspired. It gave me the fresh perspective that layering doesn’t always have to be predictable. When it comes to her layered look, she truly can’t get enough and neither can I.

She started off by layering with some simple cuffed gray jeans, a striped T-shirt and a fuzzy sweater. She then adorned herself with a ton of exciting little details. By rocking multiple delicate specialty and boutique accessories, she has created an eclectic new look all her own. What I adore most about this Fashionista is her fearless confidence to play with different patterns, textures and colors in her accessory collection. Everything about her ensemble screams “conversation starter.” From her funky pineapple socks peeking out of her leather sneakers to her polka-dot baseball hat to her dainty stacked knuckle rings and raw crystal pendant, there is a flawless collaboration between each piece to create one unified look.

I get that for the average student, mixing and matching may be a little frightening. When is enough, enough? For all you bold Fashionistas/os out there, throw on a few of your favorite statement pieces, pair them with an ounce of confidence and you’ll see that the sky is the limit. While contemplating your OOTD every morning, try playing around with all of your accessories. Start small and layer dainty gold necklaces and pendants to create a trendy and totally new look. Then move your way up the layering ladder by wearing different patterns and textures, mixing and matching them into your daily ensemble. From statement socks to plaid pants, I say, the more and the more eccentric, the merrier! Based on this Fashionista’s look, I’ve got the desire to throw on every piece in my closet and jewelry box.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Layering for me typically goes something like this: grab that soft, somewhat basic shirt (gonna be hustlin’ all day—might as well be comfy), find your favorite high-wasted jeans, throw a boxy, textured sweater overtop (the baggier the better) and be on your merry way. Always be bold, always take liberties with jewelry n’ stay gold.”