Clothing often carries sentimental value. Maybe that is why it can be so difficult to get rid of our favorite outfits even when they go out of style. Our beloved, yet outdated looks represented a certain time in our lives and the person we used to be. So even though they may be hideous, we hold on to those beat up, cozy sweats or that cherished prairie skirt from middle school.

While some people may view this tendency as “hoarding,” there may be some value in our inability to let go. Preserving these clothes might just pay off if your favorite outfit becomes trendy again. For this Fashionista, that statement rings very true. By digging deep into her closet, she found a ‘90s style jean skirt, a piece that is now a hot trend.

She sports a sheer flower top to contrast the dark denim in her skirt. By adding a chunky brown heel, she further emulates the ‘90s look. The gold watch and basic necklace compliment the skirt’s gold buttons and the overall warm feel of the outfit. With its bright colors and comfortable nature, it is perfect for a summer day.

After admiring this Fashionista’s casual jean skirt, it cemented my belief that denim and versatility go hand in hand. As Fashionistas/os’ lives get busier, they crave an outfit that can take them from day-to-night, and denim is a perfect example. It can be paired with a wide variety of tops, shoes and jewelry, and can be dressed up or down depending upon the mood and occasion. I have sported my denim skirt with a basic, bright sneaker as well as a dark wedge and it seems to adapt to diverse situations. Denim is a fun piece to play around with, so try a denim mini or floor length skirt and pair it with your favorite shirt!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I love the jean skirt, because it is just fun and it reminds me of fashion when I was growing up. This can be a practical day-to-day look or a more sophisticated style. My advice is to experiment with the jean skirt and don’t be afraid to try new looks out of your comfort zone.”