Time for all us ‘90s kids to remember the fashion of our childhood because it is back in full force. The current trends are a major throwback to the 1990s era. As always with trends, you do not need to adopt every aspect. Instead, pick out a couple pieces and integrate them into your current wardrobe. Choose items that you love enough to continue wearing even when they are no longer trendy. In the long run, this is best for both your wallet and the planet.

This Fashionista knows how to effortlessly pull off a ‘90s-inspired look. The first flash from the past piece is her denim overall shorts. Many of us probably had a pair of these as children, but have not gone near them since. Overalls have since made a major comeback with brands offering styles of shorts and pants in a variety of colors, patterns and cuts. These may not always be the most flattering item in your closet, but overalls are a standout piece that could not be more comfortable.

Continue the ‘90s vibe, like this Fashionista, by pairing your overalls with an oversized flannel shirt and creeper style shoes. An oversized flannel really creates a grunge look that is both effortless and cool. Add a pair of shoes with a thick sole, such as the 1990s classic Dr. Martens boots, to really complete your outfit.

So, the time is now to start searching thrift stores and digging through old boxes of your parents clothes for the perfect vintage find. No worries, though, if you would rather have new pieces since stores are filled with these 1990s-inspired items. It may be 2015, but we are all clearly still ‘90s kids both inside and out!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Comfort always comes first for me, but I try not to give up any style with comfort.”