STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: ‘80s Denim To Everyday Denim

Warm weather is fast approaching and it’s almost time to retire the long and puffy winter jackets. It’s not quite summer just yet, so what’s a girl to do during these in-between months? Grab your jean jacket and head out the door to hang out on the quad with friends.

Jean jackets are a trend sneaking its way back in from the ‘80s. When you think of jean jackets you no longer have to picture mom and dad’s tight shoulder pads and dark wash denim that didn’t really do much for them. Today they come in all shapes, lengths and washes. Some are even patterned and have sweatshirt qualities to them to add comfort. These jackets used to be associated with the basket cases and the criminal, but due to the transformation of this piece in so many different ways it can complete just about any outfit.

This trend has also adapted itself to a better outfit choice all together because of the rise in popularity in leggings. Since denim was almost always worn on the bottom half of your body, jean jackets had a hard time shining on top. The only times you could wear your jacket would be with colored pants, skirts or shorts. But now that leggings are so fashionable and trendy, you have so many more options and occasions to wear your jacket. This Fashionista is doing just that. She is going for a subtle punk rocker-chic look with the studded embellishments along the jacket and her gold sparkly Converse. The jacket adds a little flare to a rather simple all-black outfit.

What is you STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “You can never own too many jackets. Jean jackets, flannel jackets, military jackets…they are the perfect addition to any spring outfit while still adding style to your look!”