So many great trends from the ’70s have resurfaced for fall fashion this year. Designers have revived most classic bohemian shapes, silhouettes and fabrics including super wide-leg pants, neutral suede, bell sleeves, flared jeans and billowing peasant dresses. And it can be difficult deciding which of those trends coincide with your own person style. But this Fashionista did that perfectly by deciding her ultra-feminine style is best represented in floral dresses and chunky-heeled platform shoes. Both trends that just so happen to have strong roots in ’70s fashion.

For an authentic, trendy ’70s piece, the only place you should look is a thrift store. Which is exactly where this Fashionista picked up this beautiful fine-printed, floral dress. The button front dress is what really gives the outfit that ’70s vibe. Composed of fall colors and printed on a chiffon A-line dress, this is a perfect transitional piece as we move further into fall fashion.

Sometimes you can get lucky with finding trendy ’70s reminiscent pieces at current retail stores, which is how this Fashionista found these super rad shoes with tan suede straps and a wooden platform heel.

Often times when trying to wear clothing from a particular decade it can come off costume-esc. To avoid that, pair decade pieces with more modern styles. This also helps the trend blend in with your person style, so it won’t appear too trendy. This Fashionista did just that by accessorizing her outfit with very modern gold jewelry with small hints of sparkle to show off her feminine style.