STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: 50 Shades of Suede

September 17th, 2015 at 2:00am

Its the first day of class; the day that everyone looks better than their most edited Instagram photo. Most people have been planning this outfit for a while now; they have spent most of their summer shopping for the perfect thing to wear. Why? Because it’s your first day back from a long break. You need to make a statement; anyone who doesn’t know you yet will, and anyone who forgot you will remember—simple as that. So how do you achieve this goal of standing out in a crowd of thousands? By being different.

This Fashionista stood out to me mainly because she is wearing a MAJOR fashion trend this fall: suede. Fall is just a hop and a skip away, so it is definitely time to start incorporating some fall garments into your daily outfits. High-end designers such as Moschino and Chloé have been a big influence in society when it comes to incorporating suede back into our lives. Suede makes everything more interesting. It’s retro, but it also has a cowboy feel to it (you can even add fringe to it to make it extra cowboyish). There are just endless possibilities for this fabric! In this case, the Fashionista chose to go with an olive green suede jacket, something that can be hard to pull off. Being that the fabric is already a little overwhelming, color can sometimes be a little too much, so you have to know how to pair it well. This Fashionista did it just right. By pairing the jacket with very subtle colors such as gray and black, the eye knows exactly where to look.

This particular style of jeans is also very on-trend right now. The slits at the knee are huge—distressed jeans at a whole new level. She added a pop of color by incorporating some gold sunglasses to the look. Finally, she finished up the look by adding the raddest pair of Chelsea boots I’ve seen in a while.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Standing out is about finding a trend or article of clothing that no one has and owning it. Suede is trendy and incredibly comfortable. It’s like a second skin!”