STYLE ADVICE: Monochrome Never Monotone

As young men and women of the 21st century, we have all been influenced in some way by the Kardashians. After stepping onto the fashion scene in 2007, we have been blessed with their fabulous outfits and watched very closely on Keeping Up with the Kardashians as their styles have evolved and (thankfully) matured. While some of us might not like to admit it, but we have all looked in our closets at least once and have asked ourselves, “What would Kim Kardashian wear?” That must be what this Fashionista did before picking out this super cute ensemble. The Kardashians are notorious for wearing monochromatic outfits from all-white couture on the red carpet to lounging in all black workout outfits. And kudos to the Kardashians because they can rock these looks like no one else can.

Taking a page out of Kim K’s book, this Fashionista wore a comfy, cable knit, gray sweater from Nordstrom and paired it with ripped, black jeans. She completed the look with suede, heeled booties because the Kardashians are never above wearing heels at all times. Seeing this poncho styled this way with the black jeans inspired me to try pairing more dark pieces together. It looks more chic now than punk rock–which I used to think. And wearing all one color is now totally acceptable, as one of my often go-to outfits consist of all-black pieces.

So my advice to all of the Fashionistas out there is don’t be afraid to show your dark side. We all have one, so bring it out and pair it with a fabulous accessory. And when taking photos for your daily #ootd Instagram or Snapchat post, use a bright background, like this super cool graffiti-covered pier. The bright colors of the graffiti make the dark colors in the outfit pop a little and not look so bland. So the next time you are struggling to pick out an outfit, just think “What would a Kardashian wear?” and you will have your outfit.