STYLE ADVICE: Monochrome and Pastels

As it progressively gets closer to spring many people try to better incorporate subtle pastel colors into their everyday attire. It is always fun to add a pop of color to brighten up the dreary winter days. This Fashionista subtly combines a pair of blush pink jeans in with the rest of her monochromatic outfit. This Fashionista pairs her blush jeans with a striped black and white turtleneck and throws on a black belt to match her black boots. To top off the entire look she adds a denim long jacket that complements the rest of her outfit. Although the denim jacket is just another way to stay warm in the chilly weather, it also adds a nice street flare to the rest of the look.

This Fashionista achieved this look by basing around the blush pink pair of jeans. She used other articles of clothing that toned down the rest of the look, adding neutral colors like black and white. She also incorporated the denim as another basic or classical texturized piece that also assisted in toning down the overall look of this style. You could also dress this look down by adding a pair of neutral colored sneakers, or even a pair of flats. One could even substitute the denim jacket for a cardigan, but again, it must be monochrome to be able to coordinate with the rest the style for the look.

Another tip from this Fashionista is to use pastels if you are looking to transition from the harsh cold winter unto the colorful spring vibes. Pastels with monochrome help to subtly transition rather than using bright colors which would be hard to tone down the all over look.