STYLE ADVICE: Monday Blues

I Hope everyone is keeping warm this chilly March. While it may be spring in some places, Ohio seems to be stuck in winter. I’m itching to trade in my winter parka for a breezy tank, but it seems I’ll have to keep bundled up for a couple more weeks. The upside is a wonderful opportunity to wear your winter styles for a little bit longer than normal and mix things up!

A fun trend to try while it’s still chilly out is color blocking. Color blocking is usually done with two bright colors in the spring and summer to make a loud statement. However, this Fashionista reworked the trend for winter by matching a blue sweater with deep maroon jeans. Wearing two more subdued colors, like baby blue and maroon, is color blocking in a revolutionary way. It’s different and noticeable for all the right reasons, adding a more subdued color mix.

No matter what the season, color blocking requires minimal jewelry to no jewelry. The center of attention for the look should be the contrast between tones, and big jewelry would distract from that. This Fashionista toed the line by only wearing simple gold earrings and a gold watch.

Adding other accessories to color blocking is a balancing act. Adding a hat or funky purse could tip the scale too much, but adding nothing would have the reverse impact on the look. My advice is to add an accessory in a neutral tone or a tone similar to the color block. Her blue scarf matches perfectly with her blue sweater. The tones of the scarf artfully blend into the sweater with subtle pops of yellow.