STYLE ADVICE: Monday Blues

STYLE ADVICE: Monday Blues

Mondays, the day everyone dreads to come. It means the weekend is over and back to the old grind. College students all across campus walk around with glum looks on their faces when Monday comes, besides this Fashionista. She took the “Monday Blues” to a whole new level, literally. This beautiful Fashionista woke up Monday morning and decided to face the day head-on, and no day can be conquered without a cute outfit of course.

She explained to me that she is not capable of having a productive day when wearing sweatpants and a T-shirt. She is a strong believer in the “look good, perform better” mantra. With that being said, this Fashionista styled up on this warm Monday morning and took on the day.

I fully agree with her mentality that looking good will boost your performance throughout the day. And what better way to look good than an off-the-shoulder shirt, wrap denim skirt, and statement glasses? I always feel that when I dress nicely, I am willing to do so much more with my day.

This Fashionista stated that she centered the look around her wrap denim skirt. Her goal was to showcase the wrap effect, along with the buckle at the top of the skirt. Her best way to showcase the wrap effect was with a slightly cropped shirt that would not take away from the skirt at all. With that being said, she chose a light blue pinstripe off-the-shoulder blouse with quarter-length sleeves that tie under the elbow. I was curious as to where she purchased these items, and you will never guess where—Target! She told me that it is always possible to stay on trend and under budget, as long as you shop wisely.

Continuing on, she paired the affordable ensemble with black Steve Madden Leather Slip On Sneakers. This shoe is extremely popular right now (I have a pair too!) due to their comfort and style. These shoes compliment almost every outfit, especially if you are on the go all day and want to be comfortable and mobile.

To finish off the look, this Fashionista put on some statement shades and threw up her hair into a half-up-half-down bun, that really pushed the outfit to the next level. Statement shades and half-up-half-down buns are really on trend right now, and this Fashionista pulls off both perfectly.

As this Fashionista depicted, it is totally possible to find cute, affordable clothing that compliments every style, no matter what day of the week. I adore scouring my campus in search of trend-setting Fashionistas like this one.