STYLE ADVICE: Mind the Minimal

STYLE ADVICE: Mind the Minimal

Frigid Wisconsin winters don’t leave much room for creativity, so once the weather warms up (after a long winter, 40 degrees is considered warm here) we have to take advantage. This Fashionista immediately caught my eye with her casual and cool minimalistic approach to cold-weather dressing.

Sticking to a neutral palette, this Fashionista effortlessly pairs a black sweater and gray coat with a simple pair of light wash denim and black booties. With the temporary freedom given to us by the increase in temperature, all of the cold weather accessories were set aside, and this Fashionista was able to let her look shine. The key to mastering a clean minimalist style is to remember this lesson: less is always more. While it’s fun to explore the world of over-the-top statement pieces, sometimes opting for simple silhouettes is all you truly need to make a look work.

One incredible trick every true minimalist has up their sleeve is the ability to hone in the power of subtle attention to detail. Pieces with clean lines, such as this Fashionista’s gray coat, allow any look to remain classic while the smaller additions, such as a few stacked rings, ruffled socks peeking out of her booties, and tortoise frames add a soft touch of personality. Bringing in little pieces such as these, whether you’re in something minimal or something wild, enables you to truly represent yourself, show off your personal style, and ultimately create a look that’s uniquely you.

The true power radiated from a minimalist look stems from the idea that while this type of style relies heavily on similar silhouettes and simplistic styling, each look still reads as fresh and modern without depending on hyped-up trends. If the “less is more” battle cry seems a little daunting, just remember that creating a refined and polished look, as proven by this Fashionista, can be achieved with just four staple pieces: a black sweater, gray coat, a pair of denim, and black booties.

While it seems an unspoken rule that neutrals and minimal go hand-in-hand, don’t be afraid to experiment! Swap this Fashionista’s black sweater for your favorite graphic T-shirt or trade her booties for your favorite pair of loafers. Be brave, challenge yourself, experiment, but never forget: less is always more.