STYLE ADVICE: Making Statements

April 17th, 2017 at 2:06am

Nothing is better than having an outfit with the smallest, quirkiest details that only someone who is really paying attention will notice. There is no better satisfaction—on both parts—when these intentional placements are pointed out. Details make everything complete. Look closely at this Fashionista’s outfit; what do you see?

What I see is the intertwining of a fashion and political statement. Political statements don’t always have to be tense discussions, protesting or Facebook fights with your uncle. They can be simple and small—oftentimes going unnoticed by some. This Fashionista mastered the art of this intentional collide of fashion and politics—and rocked this outfit into her Wednesday classes. We attend one of the most politically active schools, which happens to be right in the political hub of Washington, DC—this outfit did not go unnoticed by anyone here.

But forget politics for a second. I also see my favorite animal: a panda bear.

For this look, this Fashionista layered a maroon ribbed sweater over a blue and white stripped button-down collared shirt. To accessorize, she wore a dainty copper necklace that had a globe filled with purple flower petals. Over that, she wore an oversize denim jacket, a must for anyone’s closet—no matter your personal style! Now in her jean pocket, she attached three pins. The first one is a Gryffindor pin, where are my Harry Potter fans? The second pin, is a pin supporting International Women’s Day and Women in the Arts. And the third pin, my favorite, is a pin in the shape of a hammer with the words, “smash the patriarchy.”

For bottoms, she is wearing your essential pair of high-waisted, black mom jeans. They are cuffed at the bottom, giving some space between her pants and her black booties. Popping out of this space is a panda bear. I’m not sure about you, but I have never seen anyone wear socks that create this affect. I love funky socks, and funky socks that give the impression that a panda bear is emerging from your shoes and waving? Amazing. How rad!

Today, this Fashionista showed us that our outfits can be more than a fashion statement. They can be a political statement with a hint of lightheartedness and cute panda bears.