STYLE ADVICE: Let's Appreciate the Guys Too

So often the boys are overlooked. But in a city this big, the guys have a lot of style to offer. It’s so easy for menswear to get lost in New York City because of the overwhelmingly incredible female fashion power. If you look, I mean really look, the guys have got it going on too.

So to all of the guys out there either looking for some advice or just some acknowledgment, this one is for you! To start, dress with determination and own your look. Start with the basics. A simple, well fitted pant goes a long way and lasts for a while. Mixing pastels on a gloomy day? I think yes. Pastels are a great way to brighten up any situation. Don’t be afraid of the softer colors and don’t worry, they won’t hurt your masculinity! Just check out this Fashionisto’s awesome baby blue T-shirt and salmon button-down.

For a great personal touch, pick your favorite hat. For this Fashionisto, a dedicated music lover and Kanye fanatic, this was an easy choice. These small details take an outfit from theirs to yours!

I’m a huge fan of scarves for almost any occasion. They’re cute and practical, the perfect accessory. When it’s chilly outside, especially when it’s windy in New York City, scarves protect your neck and face from the bitter cold. For this Fashionisto’s scarf, a simple, thin grayscale piece, pulls his look together by balancing out the bright pastels. The hints of black create a flow from the black hat to his black pants.

Finally, the super cool and unique bomber jacket, which this Fashionisto told me he bought at an Army/Navy store, so cool! Though the colors are not your average combination, they stand out just enough to look great!