STYLE ADVICE: Layers? For Spring? Groundbreaking

STYLE ADVICE: Layers? For Spring? Groundbreaking

Is anyone else obsessed with these spring trends right now? Everything from eye-catching colors, graphic T-shirts, millennial pink, and colorful personalized jackets have me online shopping religiously (worth it, but RIP my bank account).

Amidst all of the awe-inspiring fashion trends popping up this season, there still stands the annual problem of dressing for the transitioning weather. It’s not cold enough for those thick tights and heavy-knit sweaters you’ve been relying on all winter, but not yet hot enough to bust out the short shorts and spaghetti straps. Cue the layers.

The layering possibilities are literally endless. You could layer clothes, accessories, colors, pizza toppings—whatever your heart desires! This Fashionista gives us the perfect example of multiple kinds of layering in one outfit. My personal favorite layering trend, that is especially hot this season, is choker layering. Put on a personalized choker right above a neutral one and add a simple yet classic necklace to top it all off. If you want to throw on extra accessories without distracting too much from your necklaces, try putting on a ring and a watch. You could also put a  bracelet on each arm with similar colors as the necklaces to pull all of the accessories together.

If you’re looking for a more classic way to layer, try throwing on a leather jacket over a light top or dress. To add that custom feel and make the look more personalized, try adding pins! Pins or patches are the perfect way to add more to your outfit and make it exclusively yours. You can find a ton of cute pins at bookstores like Strand by campus. 

If you want to experiment with adding more color to your wardrobe this spring, try starting with simple base colors, like the black jeans and leather jacket shown here, and then add pops of color to your outfit with shoes or accessories!

Now go outside and start showing off your #RAD spring style!