February 15th, 2017 at 2:00am

The first thing I do in the morning (besides hitting snooze several times) is check the weather. This usually gives me a fair indicator of what type of clothing I should wear that day. However, sometimes my Weather app is not prepared for Charleston.

The weather in Charleston, South Carolina is anything but predictable. Last week I went to the beach in a bikini and today I wore boots, a long sleeve shirt, a jacket, and a scarf. Some days the walk to classes in the morning is anything but enjoyable, but the sun shines and the humidity picks up midday and you are regretting wearing a sweater.

For confusing weather such as this, I have one main word of advice: layer.

You never know how unbearably hot or cold your classroom will be, or whether there will be inside seating at your favorite coffee shop, so follow your mom’s advice and bring a sweater. Beanies are your best friend. They add a more relaxed vibe to many outfits and the real bonus is they keep you very warm. Throw a loose, knit sweater or poncho, like this Fashionista did, over a pattern dress. It makes the outfit much more casual and bohemian. You could also add neutral tights and scarf to make the outfit even warmer (it stays pretty warm down here). To keep it “winter” fashion, keep the colors to earthy tones. She added some turquoise touches in a bracelet and leather choker. I love the contrasting color combinations of the burgundy and mustard yellow with the small touches of blue.

The beauty of layers is that when the sun finally comes out, you can take off your sweater, slip on a pair of sandals, and head to the beach!