STYLE ADVICE: Knits in the City

April 11th, 2017 at 2:00am

Visiting back at home for spring break, this Californian Fashionista was greeted with the rain and gloom of Chicago—a huge contrast from the usual sunshine and palm trees of Costa Mesa beaches. To help this Fashionista endure the climate of the windy city, I gave her some tips on how to stay cozy in addition to sipping on a hot cup of vanilla chai latte. Because who says you have to give up style for comfort when you can have both?

This Fashionista wore a thrifted, striped pullover which is a staple that is essential for sweater weather. There comes a time when even five minute walks to classes can get too cold to handle, but knitwear will always be your best friend. Continuing on with the look, she opted for a pair of plain black jeans instead of her regular ripped at the knees denim. Every little effort for extra warmth counts, and even the slightest holes in your pants can make a huge difference.

But the piece that stands out the most is the textured, maroon cardigan that this Fashionista uses to layer on top. The neutral, solid colors of her sweater make it easy to match with other pieces, and this Fashionista uses this opportunity to her advantage. She completes the outfit with a classic pair of leather Chelsea boots because you can never go wrong with that simple, but sleek look.

Dressing up for the cold can turn into a tiring routine, but it can also be fun and exciting if you allow yourself to get creative with it! This Fashionista may have only used two pieces to layer, but it doesn’t have to stop there. From solid-colored knits to eccentric prints and fuzzy textures, the possibilities are endless. Collared button-downs can be layered under cropped sweaters, cardigans can be worn over long sleeved shirts, and jackets of all styles and patterns can be used to top off your whole ensemble.

So, until we reunite with our halter tops and distressed shorts, make a statement with those cool lapels on your shearling coat while you still can—festival season is just around the corner!