STYLE ADVICE: Just a Pop of Color

Neutrals are a must in everyone’s closet! Whether you are going to class or going out for the night, neutral colors always end up in an outfit somehow. It allows you to style your outfit in your own unique way and even add a little pop of color to spice it up!

This kind of outfit is my go-to; a simple sweater, your favorite jeans, booties, and a hint of color is the way to go. This Fashionista decided to pair a gray turtleneck sweater with a classic pair of black ripped jeans. For shoes, she wore a pair of comfy, black zip-up booties. Booties are really in right now and an easy way to tie your outfit together. It gives you the, “It looks like I tried, but I really didn’t” look and I’m really loving that at the moment!

Now for the fun part: a pop of color! This Fashionista chose to add a maroon floppy hat to add a little extra to her outfit. You can add a pop a color to your outfit in so many ways, such as a fun pair of shoes, statement piece jewelry, or in this case, a super stylish hat. This gives you the opportunity to show who you are through your outfit and how unique you are. This Fashionista also kept her jewelry fairly simple by adding a few rings and a couple of bracelets.

Getting ready in the morning can be much more fun than you think. Being able to put together an outfit that shows who you are is so intriguing to me. Now go to your closet, pick out a top and bottom, and add a little pop of color with your shoes or accessories! Get creative and don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone a little bit. Be bold, stand out, and have fun with your outfit!