STYLE ADVICE: How to Rock Vintage Pieces

By now every Fashionista knows all about fast fashion. Fast fashion is the idea that retailers are trying to move clothes from the runway to stores as fast as possible for consumers. Stores like Forever 21 and Zara are examples of this—they have a rapid turnover of trendy pieces that are created by designers in their stores for much cheaper than you would have paid for the original.

The fast fashion movement has caused a lot of controversy in the fashion business world. Many people are extremely upset about how wasteful they feel the industry has become and that it is contributing to a lot of pollution. One way that you can help counteract the fast fashion world is by thrifting.

Vintage shopping has been a well-kept secret in the fashion world for a while now. Fashion insiders love thrifting, especially in smaller towns where pieces will be much cheaper than they are at vintage shops in NYC or another big city.

This Fashionista is rocking a vintage oversize denim jacket and statement pink denim. Denim on denim has been going around, and although it can seem scary, you can rock it too! An easy way to do so is to just pair pieces that are different washes like this Fashionista did.

Her sneakers complete her on-the-go look, and she didn’t forget to accessorize with a rose gold necklace and fun custom bracelets.

Don’t be afraid to enter your local thrift store and look around. You can find trendy pieces for so much cheaper than they will be in stores, and the best part is, no one else will have them!