STYLE ADVICE: Go, Fight, Win, Style

STYLE ADVICE: Go, Fight, Win, Style

Somewhere along the line we all give in to wearing sports gear. No one can resist repping their hometown football team or the college gear we inevitably end up with too much of by the time we graduate. Regardless of whether you’d rather watch a rom com or a football game—we all must give in to attending a sports event or even repping our significant other’s favorite team. This can pose quite the fashion dilemma as insignia tees aren’t quite “elevated.” This is my advice on how to rep your campus gear or attend a sports event without having to sacrifice a great outfit!

My first tip is to get creative. There are so many emerging trends around band T-shirts, tour merchandise and college tees. Buy an XL T-shirt and wear it as a dress! Next week’s football game turns into the perfect excuse to bust out thigh high boots! I’ve seen tees transformed with creative cutouts, lace up ties, and bleach stains to add dimension. The worst thing an outfit can be is boring! Take your T-shirt and make it totally unique.

My second tip is to go vintage. There is nothing cooler right now than vintage jackets, try your local consignment shop and pick up a cool 80’s denim jacket with your team logo. Can’t find anything with your logo? Buy an old tee or an old denim jacket and put some iron on patches on the sleeve! You made your very own vintage team piece, completely proprietary to your closet.

My last tip when trying to rep your team without sacrificing style, is to dress it up a bit! This is what this Fashionista has done here, pairing a long sleeve top with a skirt and booties. If you’re going to a viewing party rather than a game or out to a restaurant, try skinny jeans and heeled booties, taking a basic tee and turning into a dressy piece, a la Kendall Jenner. This Fashionista went out of the box and paired her oversize T-shirt with a skater skirt, adding an element of femininity to what would otherwise be lost in a boxy long sleeve! She is showing off her silhouette and still rocking fun gear. A true Fashionista can turn any piece into an opportunity for a style moment.

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