STYLE ADVICE: For the Boys

STYLE ADVICE: For the Boys

This week I am excited because I’m featuring men’s fashion. Fashionistos don’t always get the style recognition they deserve because of all the women’s fashion being at the forefront. However, I know I speak for all girls when I say we truly appreciate a man that puts even a little bit of effort into their look. We know the typical look guys wear when they get lazy: a T-shirt, jeans or sweatpants, and a zip-up hoodie. Admittedly, I will wear this exact outfit on my lazy days, but I think it’s time we all put a little more effort into our looks this year to really stand out. It doesn’t take too much to transform a simple outfit into one that looks more put-together.

This Fashionisto is wearing a simple black and white outfit covered up with a classic denim jacket. I love the simplicity of the colors he is wearing. He swaps out regular blue jeans for a pair of black skinny jeans. He contrasts the black pants with a collarless, white button-down. The collarless button-down is a more casual alternative to a collared polo, but still gives the look of being more dressed up than a T-shirt.

The blue denim jacket pulls the outfit together and adds a little color to the black and white outfit. His black suede booties are my personal favorite. By swapping out your tennis shoes with a little dressier bootie or shoe, your outfit immediately looks more thought out. This Fashionisto’s outfit looks much more fashionable with these boots as opposed to sneakers.

So guys, my advice to you is to swap out your tennis shoes for a pair of nicer booties to dress up your outfit with little-to-no effort. Instead of a T-shirt everyday, try a casual button-down or stylish jacket. I promise it doesn’t take too much effort to put together a look that will really stand out.

Here’s to you, Fashionistos!