STYLE ADVICE: Feeling Blue

STYLE ADVICE: Feeling Blue

Hey Fashionistas! I am sitting at the local coffee shop on Boulder’s famous Pearl Street Mall, writing my last CollegeFashionista post–tearing. It has been a blast being able to mix together fashion, photography, and blogging, and I am very excited about what my last article has to say!

You can probably tell from previous articles that my favorite color is blue. I disagree when people say that they look bad in blue–it’s not possible! It brings out everyone’s skin and eye color and I feel it’s one of the most flattering colors to wear. I wear it with black, brown, white, and even red and white together, flaunting off my patriotic spirit. There is a shade of blue out there for everyone. I got together with this beautiful Fashionista to talk about some advice on how to style a pair of true blue denim.

Her jeans are the base for her outfit. This means that everything she layers and throws on after will have to work with her bottoms. She is wearing our favorite shoe brand, Freebird by Steven, to help balance the pinks in her skin tone. Although the shoes are really fun, from the front they are simple, allowing her to have accent pieces in other places as well. My advice when wearing brighter denim is to make sure you are balancing with earthy colors so that it is still grounded and subtle for a walk on the college mall.

Her white ruffle shirt is another example of simple, yet fun. The ruffle adds another layer, but because it is white and plain, you are able to still see all the simple details of the other items she is wearing as well. Lastly, her wrap is the best piece to wear on our campus. The weather in Colorado is always unpredictable, no matter the time of year. She can wrap her self up in her open poncho or leave it hanging as a back up layer!

My advice is to make sure when wearing a bright blue jean, to find the neutrals while still having fun with accent details! The ruffle on her shirt, the plaid on her wrap, and the buckles on her boots, keep the outfit youthful and exciting. So stop feeling blue, like I am feeling currently writing this, and brighten up your day with the color blue instead!