STYLE ADVICE: Fashion Flashback

STYLE ADVICE: Fashion Flashback

Many fashion trends exist in a revolving door—bound to repeat themselves at some point in time, coming back into style for just a season, a year or two, or maybe even a decade. Wearing trends that have come back from the past can either make you a style icon or a style victim. Pairing items from four different eras, this Fashionista was able to achieve a timeless look.

Shiny black leggings made their debut in the film Grease, where Olivia Newton-John takes the 1950s fashion scene by storm. We see them again in the 1980s, when rock stars and pop sensations took the stage in colored lycra leggings. Not going overboard with this trend is key; just choose a basic color and simple, complementary pieces.

In the 1950s, aviator sunglasses were just referred to as pilot’s glasses and seen as a practical piece of clothing. They made their way into the fashion scene during the 1970s. Aviators were used to mimic a militaristic attitude. Whether you love them or hate them, these glasses are definitely trending once again. Choosing a pair of aviators that are polarized, like this Fashionista, will make your style seem more authentic for taking into account the history of the accessory.

Since the 1800s, choker necklaces have been a popular necklace choice. This necklace has made its way through history accompanying many notable styles, the most noteworthy style being goth from the 1990s. Dominating the current fashion scene, choker necklaces are becoming a staple piece in every Fashionista’s wardrobe. Choosing a choker that complements your outfit is important because this trend can easily become a gaudy distraction.

Platform sneakers were seen on the runways during the 1990s and quickly made their way into the closets of models, musicians, actresses, and other celebrities. Although platform shoes haven’t quite made their comeback yet, you can definitely see an increase in the height of sneakers from brands such as Steve Madden, Alexander McQueen, and Puma. This Fashionista chose a pair of slip-on sneakers with a slightly elevated sole, giving the platform sneaker trend a new life.

Wearing trends from the past in today’s fashion scene can be tricky, but if you wear these trends in a balanced combination, you can make them your own with a sense of style that endures the decades!