STYLE ADVICE: Effortlessly Cool

There’s just something so effortless when it comes to Parisian street style that people can’t stop trying to imitate it. If you Google search “How to dress like a Parisian girl,” you will probably end up with the conclusion that all you really need to nail down a Parisian look is a striped shirt, leather jacket, and a pair of black booties. The problem is that Parisian street style is so much more than just knowing how to style reliable basics we all have in our closets. It is about adding your own touch of “effortlessly cool” to complete your look.

This Fashionista is wearing a vintage graphic T-shirt, a black pencil skirt, and white sneakers. As you can tell, the Fashionista is wearing neutral colors; when it comes to Parisian street style, a major key in pulling off this look is to use your neutrals! Most Parisian street style involves neutrals with a pop of color. Her vintage graphic T-shirt is a stripe pattern which adds detail to the overall look, so the rest of the outfit remained neutral. The zipper going down the middle of the pencil skirt and the buttons on the waistline of the skirt give the outfit an edgier look as it is not your average business-casual pencil skirt. Another major point when it comes to street style is choosing the right shoes; When you look at street style pictures for some outfit inspo, most of the time people are either wearing sneakers or heels. My tip is to always choose comfortable shoes! This Fashionista chose to wear white Adidas Superstars—not only do the shoes help complete her “effortlessly cool” look, but they also add a pop of white to her outfit and her feet will not be in pain after spending a day out and about in the city.

When trying to recreate your own Parisian street style look, I would recommend three things: Use neutrals; add little details with accessories, colors, or certain patterns in clothing; don’t try too hard, just be yourself, and use your favorite items in your closet and you will definitely be able to pull off this trendy look!