As textbooks are shut and tanning becomes the new daytime activity, the proper summer wardrobe is very important. Keeping your hair natural is a great way to have those beach-like waves that you never seem to want any other time of year. The natural hair look always feels more fun and playful in the summertime. Whether you wear dresses to feel fancy or it’s the kind of day where you are not in the mood to match a top and a bottom, a casual dress like the one this Fashionista has is a great choice for a summer day. The denim taking up the entirely of the dress keeps the outfit simple but texturized. The ruffle along the chest and shoulders adds dimension and a unique quality to the dress.

Accessorizing a dress like this can be so much fun! This Fashionista wore a simple beaded bracelet with neutral colors that blends well with the blue coloring of the dress. Her earrings are simple, but hang below her ear a little. They have blue in them, which matches the dress very well. Having simple jewelry with this dress is a great example of less is more because too many accessories would take away from the beauty and simplicity of the outfit. This Fashionista’s sandals are another key aspect of her ensemble. Their shine give them a dressy look while remaining a comfortable flat sandal. The straps and braids make them very fun like the straps around the ankles giving the illusion of anklets. When preparing perfect summer outfits, using this Fashionista’s look as an inspiration is definitely a great option.