STYLE ADVICE: Dark to Light

Many Fashionistas find it hard to put new outfits together or style according to trend during these transitional months between winter and spring. It’s warming up, but it’s still very cold with the temperature in the forties and fifties. Fashionistas want to buy the new spring styles but hesitate because they can’t wear them for at least another month. They want to retire their dark and neutral pieces from the fall and winter seasons and trade them in for some color. Instead of going straight from dark to light, try to mix the two seasons during this transitional styling period.

This Fashionista does a great job of collaborating darks and lights. She keeps the outfit simple with a classic black, high-neck sweater. This piece is perfect for bring winter to spring because it is a staple item that many people have and can work in almost any season. The jeans are a medium wash that serves as the middle ground between the dark and light pieces. The lighter elements come into play in her shoes and purse. Her shoes are a taupe, over-the-ankle, high heel boot with a gold metallic heel and zippers. Her purse is a cream shoulder bag with scallop detail and a gold chain strap. These pieces are her statement pieces that bring the two seasons together.

I know these transitional months are kind of hard because many Fashionistas have been wearing the same pieces for the past months. However, I encourage you to try to incorporate the winter and spring seasons with new pieces and pieces that you already have.