STYLE ADVICE: Conquering Patterns

STYLE ADVICE: Conquering Patterns

Patterns can be tricky to weave into your look without seeming messy or over-the-top. Horizontal stripes, polka dots, paisley, etc. can be difficult to wear without looking unflattering. It’s easy to stick to basics and solids when patterns require more effort and patience to incorporate into your outfit.

However, patterns are fun. They catch our eye and can make any outfit seem sophisticated. When a person successfully pulls off a pattern in their look, it’s worth noting how they achieved such a feat. Understanding how to use the other details of the look to complement the pattern can really take your style to the next level.

This Fashionisto sports an outfit that includes a truly thoughtful use of a polka-dotted button-down shirt. First of all, subtle is better when it comes to patterns. The tiny size of the dots draws attention to the shirt without looking tacky or tasteless. Though the dots are small, the addition of the white Nikes brings out the color of the dots on the shirt, which streamlines the outfit nicely. His choice of black, ripped jeans is a much-needed silencer for this outfit. Had he chosen a white jean, or even a light denim, the look would carry a washed-out appearance that isn’t quite as appealing. The black pairs nicely with the maroon color of the shirt and brings the outfit together to center around the white dot pattern.

When you look at this outfit, it’s cohesive. It isn’t several really pieces that are cool on their own respect but are competing for attention. Every piece is working together, and that’s the key.

Moral of the story: don’t be afraid to experiment with patterns to diversify your wardrobe. While it’s important to have a surplus of basics and solids, patterns can break up the monotony and truly allow you to express yourself through your clothes. Just remember that less is often more. Letting one piece speak for the whole look will really enhance the outfit and make your style choices seem effortlessly refined.