STYLE ADVICE: Comfort is Key

STYLE ADVICE: Comfort is Key

It can be pretty hard to find the motivation to dress up for class in something other than your trusty T-shirt that’s two sizes too big and some comfy leggings. After all, we’re usually up all night working on homework (or hitting the bars), and when we sacrifice precious sleep time our outfits take the fall the next morning.

If you’re the type who shows up to class every morning with every hair in place and lipstick on, major props to you. For those wanting to amp up their outfits for class, it’s possible to look totally rad while being 97 percent comfortable.

This Fashionista is rocking a fun Clueless T-shirt from Urban Outfitters. Fun fact: it’s from the men’s section, so don’t be afraid to venture off from your typical racks while shopping. Fun, graphic tees are easy to dress up and most importantly, comfortable. Plus, what’s better than wearing major fashion icons like Cher and Dionne from Clueless to give your outfit a kick?

After you’ve got a T-shirt you love, try adding some distressed boyfriend jeans. They can distract from your own personal distress and won’t cut off the circulation like some skinny jeans might—comfort is key here. This Fashionista’s light wash boyfriend jeans contrast perfectly with the darkness of her black tee and all the rips make the ensemble more interesting to look at.

T-shirt and jeans? Simple enough. All that’s left is to accessorize in a way that accentuates your style. This Fashionista is adding an extra pop with a bold and colorful Vera Bradley backpack and it truly agrees with the T-shirt. Classic checkerboard Vans slip-ons keep the outfit’s vibe edgy but they’re also just comfortable shoes to walk all around campus in. If you still have some of these left over from a past phase that’s no longer to be talked about, pull them from the back of your closet and don’t give up hope on them.

The final accessory that ties everything together in this outfit is the necklace. This Fashionista’s broad gunmetal necklace goes seamlessly with the rest of the outfit and instantly adds the impression of effort. Stand-out pieces of jewelry are a quick and easy way to transform an outfit and give it an extra boost that’s certain to result in some double-takes.  

Surely most people can create an outfit like this from their closet, it’s just a matter of playing around with patterns and colors to make it your own. Finish it off with hair and makeup that’s true to your style and you’ll be exuding all the best vibes in no time.

The best way to rock a great outfit is to feel comfortable in it. Dressing up for class doesn’t mean you have to trek through campus in heels and miniskirts, we can leave that up to the ’90s queens—Cher and Dionne. If you do feel like changing things up a bit it doesn’t have to go farther than a cute T-shirt and some fun jewelry.