STYLE ADVICE: Comfort in the Classroom

May 2nd, 2017 at 2:00am

At Hofstra University, students are either preparing for graduation or for another year of college, but one thing every student is doing is pushing through the last full month of classes. Summer is so close that it practically feels that way, but as the sun lowers, the cold blasts through, reminding us that we are not there yet. Warmer days approach and some Fashionistas are bringing out the shorts and tank tops. Everybody has their own sense of style and their own way to express themselves.

This Fashionista wore a knitted, gray sweater with the front loosely tucked into her denim jeans. The details involved a gold watch, Converse high-tops, and a small necklace. In the classroom while the phone is away, if any Fashionistas out there want to invest in an accessory that can always be of use, then pay attention to the watch worn above. Converse sneakers are an excellent choice in the classroom since you do not want to kill your feet in uncomfortable heels or boots that pinch your toes. Opting for footwear that will provide the proper support, depending on the occasion, is being fashion savvy.

This look represented the shift of seasons, especially for a college student who runs around constantly from one place to another throughout the day. It is a way to stay warm when the wind hits and a way to stay cool when the sun starts beating down. Sometimes, students might freak out more on the physical aspect of themselves, as a result, they may force themselves into uncomfortable pieces of clothing. Being comfortable does not have to mean being unfashionable or not stylish. In fact, it may be the way for your confidence to be greatly exposed. This look was simple and comfortable with little pops of detail like the use of makeup around the eyes to draw more attention to them. It served as inspiration in understanding less is more and that can go such a long way.