STYLE ADVICE: Comfort Calls

Living where most people vacation has all kinds of advantages. I get to call South Florida home, and it truly feels like a dream sometimes. One of the many perks of this part of the country is the diversity in style. On one hand, there are people that totally embrace the high fashion luxury brands and the look that goes along with that; however, on the other hand, there are people that embrace the laid-back beach look that some would call resort wear. This is another way of saying “dressing for comfort but looking good doing it.”

This Fashionista has the resort wear look down, and she looks amazing doing it. I love the simplicity of her look that draws attention to the smaller details. For instance, the lacy detail of her beautiful coral tank is noteworthy and so tasteful. There is also the ruched top of her shorts that look like they may be the most comfortable pair of shorts I have ever laid eyes on. She said they are hand-me-downs from her mom, noting, “I love wearing my mom’s old stuff, and I don’t think that is something most girls can say.” She tied the look together with sandals that match her top in the best way.

Fashion means something different to everyone, and everyone’s personal style shines through in unique ways. I love that this Fashionista embraces the island lifestyle in comfort while still choosing beautiful colors and details that don’t go unnoticed. Do not be afraid to embrace this look wherever you call home. Comfort calls, and it’s time we answer.