STYLE ADVICE: Same Clothes, New Look

It is so easy to get bored of your wardrobe, especially when the seasons change. It gets so annoying when you’ve been wearing the same jeans, sweater, and jacket combination for months. But now, the sun’s out, spring is in the air, and you need a change! Follow in this Fashionista’s footsteps to add some flair to your otherwise basic outfits.

The best way to freshen up a stale wardrobe is by seeing all your pieces in a new light. This Fashionista paired her Brandy Melville corduroy overalls with an old acid wash T-shirt to add some more colors and texture. Old T-shirts are great for layering and adding an interesting piece to an outfit. She also paired some fun metallic accessories to make her outfit more exciting. I love this clutch she is wearing from Anthropologie because it adds some color to her outfit. The shoes also work well with this outfit because they make it wearable for the daytime. Lastly, my favorite part of this Fashionista’s outfit is the glam Free People necklace. It gives the outfit a focal point and makes it feel new!

My advice for all you Fashionista/os who are bored with your wardrobe, is to not be afraid of shopping in your closet. I know when seasons change the urge to shop elevates to the next level, but then you remember you’re a broke college student. Shopping your own closet will help you rediscover old favorites and love your clothes again! Follow in this Fashionista’s footsteps and accessorize it up and get excited again!