STYLE ADVICE: Bringing the Heat

STYLE ADVICE: Bringing the Heat

In the midst of wearing sneakers and trench coats, I have found a Fashionista on campus who is all about being a little bold when it comes to getting ready for class. This Fashionista is bringing heat from head to toe with her bright red bomber jacket along with her flaming, red hot chili pepper jeans. She has matched each piece of clothing along with another—from her red bomber jacket to complement her hand painted flames to her black top to match her black booties. All our edgy Fashionista needs is a pair of sunglasses to finish off this situation.

Sometimes it can be a bit difficult to switch up your style when you are so comfortable with your typical clothing, but what if we break this outfit down? The pieces that make up this outfit can be found in our own closets: a plain black top, pair of blue jeans and a simple pair of boots. It is only the repetition in color between the bomber jacket and flames in the jeans that make this outfit really stand out. Yes, the pair of jeans have flames painted on them(unfortunately, not all of us have the same artistic ability as this fashionista), but let’s try to mix and match a couple of things.

Sample out the blue jeans for a pair of black jeans. As we all know, you can never go wrong with all black. So, let’s say we have black jeans along with the black top and booties—this outfit would still be straight fire with the red bomber jacket. I would also say, if you were willing enough, to create a small tear in the jeans where your knees would show to add a bit more edginess to the outfit.

It’s all about creativity.

Now, what if the bomber jacket was a different color, like green? We could style this Fashionista with the same basic, black pieces, except maybe with red lipstick or red shoes for some contrast. I know, I know, red lipstick might sound a bit bold, but don’t forget, we’re trying to go big here.

As we see with these different ideas, creativity is key. Mixing different pieces of clothing results in different looks. For example, if the jeans did not have flames on them, but were plain jeans, there would not have been such a statement. If this Fashionista had on a black bomber jacket, but bright red lipstick, there would be a different level of boldness as well.

It is simply the combination of pieces of clothing along with how confident you wear your outfit that can really bring the heat onto campus. This Fashionista lit hers up with edginess and did not care to show it, which should inspire us all to be bold and get creative this season.