STYLE ADVICE: Boss Babes Mix and Match

STYLE ADVICE: Boss Babes Mix and Match

This stunning Fashionista is an ambitious math major about to graduate, proving to be an all-around boss babe with both beauty and brains. Her vibrant outfit immediately caught my eye as it was young and fresh, but also professional and classy. However, what I loved most about this outfit was her use of both colors and patterns.

Her flowing, wide-cut pants were dark navy blue with an interesting design made up of pink, orange, white, and red. Her pointed toe, patent leather flats were the perfect pop of color to bring out the subtle use of red in the intriguing pattern of her pants. She then decided to pair the pants with a classic white shirt comprised of navy blue stripes. Her choice of putting these two pieces together is what made the look so dynamic and appealing.

Too many people still feel it necessary to make sure everything “matches,” but the real Fashionistas know that it is okay to mix and match both colors and patterns. This Fashionista knew just how to mix the right patterns, which can be crucial. As stated previously, the pants had an intricate design while the shirt was nothing more than a simple, classic white shirt with stripes. It was the simplicity in both design and color of the shirt mixed with the detail of the pant—also in design and color—that made these two patterns work so well together. If she had paired two intricate designs for both pieces, it would not have worked; or if she would have paired two pieces with simple designs the outfit would not have had the same wow factor. It is the contrast in the designs that made this a brilliant “mix and match.”

To add even more boldness to the outfit, she incorporated another pop of color with her necklace and bracelets, introducing a beautiful shade of turquoise. The soft turquoise is another contrast against the bright bold red of her shoes. This subtle but strategic use of colors added even more intrigue to her fun, fresh look. Additionally, this Fashionista’s glossy red lips were the “cherry on top” and tied in her bright, red flats.

To finish her look, this Fashionista grabbed a navy blue oversize Coach tote bag and a denim jacket, which completed the outfit beautifully. Although she introduced a variety of colors and patterns in this ensemble, the classic denim jacket added some balance. I also loved her choice of bag for this particular look and do not think any other—such as a bucket bag or a satchel, for example—would have worked as well as this oversized tote. The tote gave it an element of professionalism and sophistication, while still maintaining a flair of girly, fun appeal.

So to all you other boss babes out there remember: don’t conform, don’t be afraid to mix it up, and BE BOLD.