STYLE ADVICE: Bomber Jackets Forever and Always

STYLE ADVICE: Bomber Jackets Forever and Always

Spring is finally on its way or at least it seems to be, which means transition time is finally upon us, not just in the weather but in our wardrobes as well. As we begin to store away our winter coats and boots until next year, we’re still reminded by the occasional gust in the air just how far we actually are from summer.

Enter two classic and timeless all season looks sure to keep anyone warm and stylish: the bomber jacket and layers. This Fashionista happens to be rocking both.

The bomber jacket first came to rise during World War I, when pilots needed a jacket that was both warm and movable. Nowadays the jacket is for making a fashion statement above anything else, but it still maintains it original purpose: keeping people warm.

Layers tend to be an essential during the majority of the seasons, especially in Wisconsin where the weather can’t decide which season it wants to stick with. Some days you can’t feel your face while others shine bright, and it’s always windy. But just because layers might be a necessity for warmth or in some cases survival, it doesn’t mean they can’t look cute too.

One of the great things about layers is that you can mix textures just like this Fashionista did. Her charcoal gray sweater exudes warmth, while her silky olive green bomber jacket signifies sleekness with a hint of rebellion. Although each layer appears physically different, each has its own unique softness which is what makes them such a great pair.

My favorite piece about this look, aside from the bomber jacket, is her hat. The soft neon glow is a welcomed clash against the gray backdrop early spring tends to favor. Additionally, it meshes well with her dark lipstick, coming together into a look that works throughout the school day and transitions easily into a night on the town for margaritas and tacos.

Overall, this Fashionista’s look is a classic one, that anyone can rock no matter what the season. From her head to her feet, each item of this Fashionista’s outfit is simple yet classic. It works on so many levels and can be worn for school, a bar night, or a coffee date and would make any U.S. Air Force pilot proud.