When it comes to the lifestyle that college makes you adapt to, fashion can often times be put on the back burner. For some, getting ready in the morning is what gets them excited for the day, and yet living a hectic and ever changing schedule makes this morning routine seem impossible. Luckily, with the right basic pieces—a cute bomber jacket, for example—you can make your mornings work and even get to class on time.

This Fashionista paired a classic pair of black denim with a white T-shirt. You can find affordable pieces like these anywhere; here is an example of a nice (stretchy, even!) black denim jean that will last you for a while and go with limitless combinations. If you are the type of girl that feels uncomfortable in jeans for too long of a time, I highly suggest you try a stretchier pair with added lycra or a cotton/poly blend. These will be comfy for class and walking your campus, yet still very cute and easily combinable with almost anything. I honestly say, give a girl a basic pair of black skinnies that fit her well, and she can truly style anything. This fashionista chose another very simple basic: the white T-shirt to go with her black jeans. You really cannot go wrong with a pair of black skinnies and a white T-shirt, and this fashionista proves it; but if she would have stopped there we may have looked for more to complete the look.

Well, she didn’t stop there; she finalized the look with a statement, two-tone bomber jacket. The bomber has very cool embroidered design on the front and back along with colored ribbing that added to the basic white T-shirt and jeans made this Fashionista look awesome and very well put-together. A one-colored bomber is definitely a basic that is easy to pair with other basics. You can find some like this one here in many different places and colors. However, you can also get fun with it and go for something more unique like this Fashionista did and go for more of a statement bomber like this one here or this one here. It comes down to personal preference and style.

When it comes to working with basic pieces to create fun and fashion forward looks, this Fashionista knows what she is doing. From this I can definitely learn to rock my basics in a way that makes me still excited to get ready in the morning but also doesn’t take to much time to curate. Now we’ve got no excuses to be missing our 9 a.m. classes!