STYLE ADVICE: Balancing Comfort with the Exceptional

STYLE ADVICE: Balancing Comfort with the Exceptional

Resisting the lure of boring but comfortable clothes can be difficult at the best of times. At the worst of times, like the end of the semester when you find yourself mired in exams and goodbyes, it can be downright impossible.  Each morning, as you sleepily wander towards your closet, you find yourself looking longingly at the sweatpants neatly folded on the shelf.  Slipping into those, maybe with your well-worn university sweatshirt, would be so easy.  And as the intimidating checklist of chores and activities begins tumbling around your head, restraining yourself from these sweatpants gets harder, and you might wonder how you could possibly set aside these distractions, and pull together an outfit that is as attention grabbing and expressive as it is comfortable.  But with her creative take on the ever-popular athleisure trend, this Fashionista has a solution.

To stay comfortable while hustling from exam to exam, this Fashionista built her outfit around a single statement piece: a bright, white zip-up hoodie.  But this hoodie wasn’t like your everyday staple piece, the colorful ribbons trailing down the sleeves added an unusual and avant-garde detail to the otherwise simple top.  When this Fashionista zipped around campus, these colorful ribbons fluttered in the wind, becoming the eye-catching and playful focal point of the look.

With such a unique top grabbing attention, this Fashionista kept the rest of her look relatively straightforward.  A plain black T-shirt served as her base layer, which she coupled with a pair of black jeans.  A creative alternative to the pair of black leggings that one might be inclined to throw on with an athleisure look, the subtle distressing of the denim lends this sporty look just a hint of edginess.

To complete off her comfortable—yet individual ensemble—this Fashionista kept her accessories fairly simple.  A small leather backpack that mimicked the red and blue colors of the ribbons on her hoodie served as her bag for the day, and a pair of on-trend pair of black sneakers—made interesting with just a quick stripe of vibrant color—were the ideal pair of shoes. She echoed the pop of color in her shoes with a vibrant pink stain for her lips, keeping the rest of her makeup completely natural. This Fashionista also selected a collection of delicate gold necklaces and earrings, a final touch of femininity to her otherwise sporty look.

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