STYLE ADVICE: Back to Bell-Bottoms

STYLE ADVICE: Back to Bell-Bottoms

Through each season, more and more trends from the ’70s have been coming back with a fresh face. My mom always jokes about how styles that were popular when she was in high school and college are back to haunt her. A few of my personal favorites are off the shoulder tops with big, bell sleeves, and of course, bell-bottomed jeans. Skinny jeans have been living in closets of most women (and some men) since they came into style in 2010. If you could comfortably move around in your skinny jeans, they were not skinny enough. As time has gone by, people are done with being suffocated by their pants. Jean styles that are now the “it” item are anything baggy, such as boyfriend or bell bottomed jeans.

This Fashionista was rocking a gorgeous pair of bell-bottoms which immediately drew my eye. They flare out at the bottom which accentuate the smallest parts of her legs. The color of her pants is light enough to make her shirt stand out. If she was wearing darker jeans, her outfit would have been lost. I loved her gray wrap around choker that has gold detailing on it. It is a simple, yet a super stylish piece that adds to her outfit. These chokers have been all the rage after Kim Kardashian was photographed with one that was tied in a bow. They are super versatile and can be worn multiple ways to make them your own. The crisscross detailing on the back of her shirt adds a bohemian vibe, while also showing off her very cute and dainty tattoo.

The addition of her brown, lace-up heels also adds a “boho chic” vibe to the outfit. This style of shoe has been very popular over the past year and you can catch any Fashionista wearing a pair. They range in style whether you are rocking a pair of flats or heels, you can find the lace-up versions of both. The brown, chunky shoes again add a ’70s vibe to the look, which ties it all together.

On a separate note, I wanted to highlight how amazing her makeup was. It seriously looked like she went to a makeup counter to have it done. Winged eyeliner is a classic look that many have a hard time pulling off. The easiest way to achieve a straight line is to put a piece of tape from the outer corner of the eye to the eyebrow. It may sound a little ridiculous, but it is the best way to creating a perfect line. I was also obsessed with how dewy and glowy her makeup was perfect for summer.

Repeating trends can seem like a nightmare to our parents, but for us, it is just another look to rock. Finding the perfect pair of bell-bottoms can revamp your style and take you back in time.