STYLE ADVICE: Accent Pieces and You

One of the largest untapped resources in everyday fashion is the accent piece. Accent pieces are essential to any Fashionista’s closet, and they bring life to stylish looks. The addition of a simple necklace, sweater, or watch can spice up a look in just the blink of an eye without breaking the bank.

Now, the first question that probably comes to mind is, “Where does one find an accent piece?” The answer is that they’re probably hiding somewhere in the back of a closet or at a local thrift store. There are two levels of repurposing that can be used when finding accent pieces, and it can conveniently be explained in two scenarios.

For the first scenario, think back to middle school days where, if the clothes weren’t talking highlighter, then you didn’t want to talk. That circa 2011 highlighter hoodie paired with an all-black T-shirt dress and some Converse can be the perfect look for an eventful day on campus.

In scenario two, this Fashionista is the perfect example. She is wearing an all black, mesh ensemble with black pants. She wore a super dope denim jacket and a pair of Dr. Marten boots. What automatically caught my attention from her killer look was her adorable pink watch. The chic look was a clear backdrop for her accent piece to shine thorough. This Fashionista said that she found this specific accent piece at a thrift store in Gainesville for an insanely cheap price.

In either scenario, accent pieces are not that hard to find. As long as you put a creative spin on it, something as simple as a plain red T-shirt can be an accent piece. It goes to show that there is accent piece equality for all.