STYLE ADVICE: A Pop of Color

STYLE ADVICE: A Pop of Color

Even though it feels like Washington State University will remain a “Winter Wonderland” until May, these past couple of weeks the snow has been melting, and it is time for a change! Away with the snow boots, heavy jackets, and beanies, and hello to booties, layers, and adorable jackets.

This Fashionista looks stunning in a black and white cable knit sweater, a black leather jacket, black jeans, a simple black choker, and you cannot forget those super adorable wine colored booties. Color is a huge part of an outfit. Should I wear neutrals? Be bold? Or maybe go for a classic black and white look? Personally, I always like to incorporate small bits of color into my ensembles to brighten up my outfits and make them more interesting. Whether it is simply adding a statement necklace, a bralette, or even a scarf, there are many different ways to incorporate color into an outfit, and this Fashionista did just that.

The color wine has been all the rage this year and has shown up in many places, such as Fashion Week, in magazines, and, of course, on Pinterest! I think that this is a beautiful color that also adds a bit of drama to a neutral outfit like this one. By pairing the neutral colors of her top and jeans, this Fashionista’s booties really stand out! These booties are a perfect way to incorporate a pop of color into an outfit. They make the look a bit more bold, edgy, and fun.

Ultimately, this Fashionista looks chic head to toe. It’s an outfit that can flawlessly transition from a day look for class to a night out on the town.