STYL GURU BIO- Nia Harrill

Hey, fellow Fashionistas! My name is Nia Harrill and I hail from the sunny and glamorous Los Angeles, but I currently attend school in Washington—the place where hipsters thrive and live off of thrift store deals and a good latte. I’m 19 years old (turning 20 in December though, any Capricorns out there?) and majoring in Business in hopes of becoming a fierce entrepreneur. When I’m not going to class or spending hours on homework, I love to get my creative juices flowing by making water color paintings, journaling or searching Pinterest for countless hours looking for room decor inspiration! But, my all time favorite way to spend my free time is shopping at local thrift stores searching through grimy bins or pre-selected vintage pieces for the next addition to my clothes collection! Truly one of the perks of being located so close to Seattle, the birth of “Thrift Shop” artist and advocate Macklemore, is the high quality of consignment and thrift stores that can be found in any neighborhood.

In my opinion, the beauty of fashion is the diversity that comes with it. So with that being said, I really look forward to capturing current trends, but also showing the world how people from the PNW (Pacific Northwest) place a personal twist on these high fashion looks. With the reinvention of some 1960s-’80s classic items this back to school season like Birkenstocks, high-waisted “mom” jeans and jean skirts, the Puget Sound community has taken a liking to these more vintage inspired looks! Accessories such as Casio watches, tattoo chokers and funky hairstyles (space buns are my favorite) are also well represented on this campus and in my own closet! I am insanely excited to bring a, hopefully, new perspective of fashion to CollegeFashionista and look forward to snapping pictures of fashionable students!