STUDY GUIDE—11 Looks That Are Equally Chic and Comfortable For Class

We are getting to that point in the semester where assignments are piling up, group projects are invading your nightmares and library time is making it difficult to tackle your Netflix queue. With all the added stress of school, it is easy to let your wardrobe slide.

Luckily looking great doesn’t require a tremendous amount of thought. Casual-chic is not only the name of the game during midterms, but also in fashion this season in general. From sneakers to slouchy denim to simple sweaters, you can looks smart while also getting smart.

Brain on overload and need some inspiration? Here are 11 fashionable looks that are perfect for your next study session!

1. Villanova University


Photo by Caitlin Bungo

2. Cleveland State University


Photo by Steven Lee

3. University of Missouri


Photo by Christine Orzechowski

4. University of Pennsylvania


Photo by Masoma Imasogie

5. FIT


Photo by Rachel Hinch

6. Howard University


Photo by Ki Williams

7. Kent State University


Photo by Hayden Flanders

8. College of the Creative Arts


Photo by Natalie Miller

9. Georgia State University


Photo by Dominique Regalado

10. Delaware State University


Photo by Andrew Jackson

11. George Mason University


Photo by Ameena Ashraf